Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited seeks to expand the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee market in the USA

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Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited seeks to expand the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee market in the USA.

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, along with its agent in the United States, Blue Mountain Coffee, Inc., has embarked on a new initiative to further grow the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee business in the United States.

According to Senator Norman Grant, Managing Director & CEO of the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited, “The present global economic crisis will present challenging but exciting opportunities for our Jamaica Blue Mountain product, that is, both the green beans marketed under the MBCF brand and the valued added products marketed under the JABLUM brand. “

“In 1997 MBCF appointed Blue Mountain Coffee, Inc. under the leadership of it’s President Edgar Munn as the exclusive distributor for it’s products in the USA market. This strategic move has resulted in a number of positive developments for the company. It has increased sales of green beans into that market from less than 2% of its total annual sales in 1997-1998 to approximately 20% in 2008-2009. In 2008-2009 total sales of Green Bean to the USA has been in excess of US$2.5 million. MBCF, through the partnership with BMCI, has introduced the first Blue Mountain Coffee Beverage, JABLUM ICE COFFEE, which is now being sold both locally and internationally. They have also increased the sales of MBCF green beans to roasters, and increased the availability and accessibility of the highest quality roasted coffee, JABLUM, to the e-commerce market. More recently Blue Mountain Coffee, Inc. established a small roasting plant in the Atlanta Georgia area. Our company is committed to provide the finest coffee to the world on a timely basis and to always ensure that our quality is unbeatable.”

Senator Grant, who is on a trip in Japan with Board Chairman, Mr Peter Melhado, recently toured the roasting plant in Georgia with Mr Edgar Munn, President. A plaque was presented to BMCI by MBCF for the tremendous work being done by the company to promote JABLUM coffee in the USA.

Mr Edgar Munn, President of Blue Mountain Coffee, Inc. says, ”My company is excited to be the exclusive distributor for the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory green bean product. Over the last twelve years BMCI has worked hard and strategically to re-position the brand in the USA market. We have been affected by lack of supplies due to the hurricanes since 2004 and now with the recession in the USA, there appears to be a slow down in the demand. BMCI will, however, intensify the marketing of the product and seek to create new buyers in an effort to maintain and grow the demand. It will be very hard work but with the support and understanding of MBCF , I am confident that we can create new opportunities. Although the quality of the coffee coming out of MBCF is excellent buyers continue to ask for lower prices. The factory in Atlanta will ensure that freshly roasted JABLUM is provided to the coffee consuming population who wants their coffee freshly roasted. We strive to deliver coffee within 24 hours of roasting.“ BMCI will roast coffee under license from Mavis Bank Coffee Factory and will sell this coffee through our e-commerce operations. This will compliment the roasting of coffee by MBCF under the JABLUM brand , allowing a distribution channel with tremendous potential.

During the 2008-2009 crop year, MBCF purchased over 100,000 boxes (1 million pounds of green beans) of Blue Mountain Coffee from six thousand (6,000) coffee farmers that grow their coffee in the Blue Mountain region in the parishes of St Thomas, Portland, and St Andrew. The company controls approximately 32% of the Jamaica Blue Mountain market and has paid over J$350 million to coffee farmers during the crop year 2008-2009.

For additional information please contact the undersigned:
Senator Norman W. Grant J.P
Managing Director & CEO
1-876-977-8530- MBCF

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