Featured Farmer: Hearon Millwood

After meeting with the Jamaica Minister of Agriculture last spring when he visited our coffee roasting operation, it is clear that we are greatly indebted to the small coffee farmers in Jamaica. M.B.C.F. acquires coffee beans from over 6000 farmers in the designated Blue Mountain coffee-growing region of Jamaica. While all the farms are certified as meeting the standards to be qualified as Blue Mountain Coffee, many of the holdings are less than five acres.

We are embarking on a program where, over the next several months we will introduce you to some of the farmers who are responsible for bringing us the world’s finest coffee. We believe in going above and beyond “fair trade” and as such will express our gratitude by providing a bonus to the farmers we spotlight.

This month we want you to meet Mr. Hearon Millwood who has been supplying beans to M.B.C.F. since 1996.

Millwood was born in the district of Clifton Hill in the Parish of Portland, which is located with the lush Blue Mountain range. He migrated from Portland to St Andrew to a farming district called Hall’s Delight, which is also located in the Blue Mountain range. There he found employment with the Coffee Industry Board as a laborer where he learned the art of coffee cultivation.

In 1996 Hearon purchased three acres of land and established his own coffee farm. The elevation of the farm is approximately 3200 feet, which would be considered mid to high range of the specified Blue Mountain Coffee growing area.

Today Hearon makes his living from his coffee. One box of cherry berry is 20 pounds and when converted into coffee beans, represents approximately 9.6 pounds of green coffee beans for roasting. His farm produces an average of 150-180 boxes of cherry berry per year. While waiting for the coffee to be harvested, he grows carrots, yams, bananas, and spices for cash crops.

Hearon is hard working and proud to be a Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee farmer. He is married and the proud father of 6 children, four boys and two girls.

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