Featured Farmer: Edgar Edwards

Edgar Edwards was born1944 in the district of New Rumble in the Parish of St. Andrew. After leaving school at age 13, he went with his mother in the nearby community called Westphalia to farm on the Straw Berry Hill’s property. Edgar soon learned the skills of farming and decided to have his own farm on which he farmed cash crops. The income from this work was minimal, so he decided to seek additional employment. He went to work with the Forestry Department and later the Coffee Industry Board as a laborer. He worked with the Coffee Industry Board for over ten years.

Edgar developed a love for coffee cultivation, and began to plant coffee seedlings at his home in Westphalia. Later on Edgar leased about four acres of land in the Straw Berry Hills and in 1995 he took a farmers’ loan to establish two acres of coffee. To date, with the help of two of his sons, the farm now boasts over three and a half acres of coffee, producing approximately 200 - 230 boxes of cherry coffee beans per year.

Straw Berry Hills is located in the majestic Blue Mountain range and stands between 4000 – 4200 ft feet above sea level. It was on this very same property that Victor Munn began his trading in coffee and out of this venture we now have the Mavis Bank Coffee factory.

Being the ardent worker that he is, with the determination to provide for his family, he grows other crops such as scallion, thyme, tomatoes, cucumber, yam carrot etc.

Edgar Edwards honored to be a Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee farmer. He is married with sons and daughter’s.

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