Gourmet Coffees from Around the World

The same bean planted in different regions of the World will produce distinctly different flavors, caffeine levels, aromas and tastes. Try them all to find your favorite. Our gourmet world coffee selection is fresh roasted to order and arrives at your doorstep at the peak of freshness. Products ship in re-sealable bags.

Edgar's Signature Blue Mountain Peaberry Blend

Our Most Popular Blend

Edgar's Signature Peaberry Blend is a blend of authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry and Highlands Papua New Guinea Peaberry coffees. This blend highlights the finest attributes of two outstanding coffees that originate from the same plant stock.

Offered in a Medium Roast.


Bali Kintamani Medium Roast

This is a unique arabica coffee with a sweet aroma and notes of citrus and chocolate in the flavor profile.  It has a smooth finish that hints at black tea and mild to low acidity.

Kintamani is grown at around 5,000 ft above sea level in volcanic loam soil lending to its smooth body and soft finish.


Panama Catuai (Med / Dark)

 This Catuai is a wonderful arabica coffee from the Boquete region of Panama.  This coffee is grown at an altitude range between 5,700 & 6,900 feet above sea level in volcanic clay.  This altitude contributes to a longer time to maturity which lends to this coffee's natural sweetness.

The Medium Roast really brings out the sweetness while the Dark Roast is incredibly rich.


Now available in Dark Roast 


Sulawesi Medium Roast

Sulawesi is a region that has been on everyone’s radar. The northernmost island of Indonesia.  This wonderfully special coffee is packed with flavor and yet is still velvety smooth.

From the Greater Sunda Islands of Indonesia this is one cup sure to please.

Blue Mountain Blend

This is Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee blended with Indonesian coffee. (The Jamaica Coffee Industry Board requires that  all blends contain at least 30% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to legally use the trademarked term Jamaica Blue Mountain.)

Blue Mountain Blend Rum Flavored

Rum Flavor in a Blue Mountain Blend

Take our Delicious Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend and add a splash of Rum.. What could be better!!    Pour and sip away .. Welcome to the Caribbean !!

Colombia High Altitude Organically Grown

This Central American special organically grown coffee is planted on a single estate in the South West slope of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. the tallest littoral mountain in the world !!! The farm has been organically certified by ECOCERT since 1999. It has also obtained the certifications from RAINFOREST ALLIANCE and SMBC Enjoy this treat today from BMC

Costa Rica

In elevations of 3,900 feet or more, the altitude slows the growth of coffee trees that causes the cherries to mature much slower.

Decaf Colombian

BMC Colombian Decaf is decaffinated using the Swiss Water Process.

This process uses the elements of water, temperature and time to create the most intriguing decaf coffee

Guatemala Huehuetenango

The Huehuetenango region, near the Mexican border, has the highest altitudes (between 5000-6000 feet), producing complex, fruity flavors.

Kenya Coffee (Med / Dark)

Kenyan coffee is well known for its full body flavor and gentle floral aroma. Grown in the rich volcanic soil in Eastern Africa, this is one of the most popular coffees sold in our store-front. Kenya AB+ bean provides a unique balance of body, flavor, and aroma. While the medium roast is a well balanced, stronger tone coffee, the dark roast is especially suited for Espresso.

Mexico Custepec

Custepec is a well-positioned coffee brand and one of the best in the world that is located in the state of Chiapas


Papua New Guinea Jamacian Peaberry Strain

This wonderful Peaberry strain from Papua New Guinea has a very smooth mouth feel.  Offered in Medium Roast.

Typically grown at higher elevations in rich volcanic soil this coffee will wash over you like the morning sun in it's home the Waghi valley


Papua New Guinea Organically Grown

Finally Arrived "Papua New Guinea Organically Grown" Coffee In a wonderful Medium Roast

This delicious coffee is closely related to Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and shares many of the same attributes. They are both Arabica Typica beans. And have naturally lower levels of caffeine. Many of the trees grown in Papua New Guinea were originally grown from Blue Mountain Coffee beans.


Sumatra (Med / Dark)

Sumatra Mandheling coffee is produced outside of Padang, which is the west coast coffee district of Sumatra, one of the main islands that make up Indonesia.

Available in 5 lb bags also.

Tanzania Peaberry

Taste the difference, Tanzanian Peabery is a delightful cup with intense brightness and high acidity, grown in the shadows of Mt Kilamanjaro and Mt Meru nessled between bannana trees 

A taste to remember

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